Stage Russia HD – Macbeth.Kino


Based on The Tragedy of Macbeth by William Shakespeare
DCP or Blu Ray

Yuri Butusov’s pastiche of conflicting styles only touches on the storyline of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, reflecting, instead, both confusion from confronting the myth and the desire to unveil it. It follows a non-linear technique, compiling fragments, jumbling up the characters, having them swap roles, understanding that only by blending together these singular moments can the desired completeness be achieved. The scenes are like flaming auroras, fragments of dreams and visions. The surrealistic action in the style of David Lynch plunges the audience into a state of subtle sensuousness.
Macbeth.Kino is a beautiful nightmare that sends shivers down your spine and makes you feel like staying in it for good.

Pannonia Entertainment distributes to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Finland.

In cinemas: March 1, 2018

Prologue: Roman Kocherzhevsky, Grigory Chaban
Macbeth: Ivan Brovin
Lady Macbeth: Laura Pitskhelauri
Duncan, a king: Vitaly Kulikov
Banquo: Grigory Chaban
Fleance, Banquo’s son: 
Roman Kocherzhevsky
80 year man: Oleg Fedorov
Pianist: Alexander Novikov
The wind, the dog, the entertainer: Roman Baranov
Seyton: Sergey Volkov, Vsevolod Tsurilo
The murderers: Vitaly Kulikov, Alexander Novikov
The mother and the son: Eugeniya Evstigneeva, Alexander Novikov
, Lidiya Shevchenko
The gentlewoman and the doctor: Yustina Vonschik, Anastasiya Dukova, 
Roman Kocherzhevsky
Old people: Oleg Fedorov, Nataliya Shamina
Ross and Macduff: 
Roman Kocherzhevsky, Grigory Chaban
The witches: Yustina Vonschik, Anastasiya Dukova, Eugeniya Evstigneeva, 
Laura Pitskhelauri, Mariya Sinyaeva, Nataliya Shamina, Lidiya Shevchenko

Creative Team
Director: Yury Butusov
Сhoreographer: Nikolay Reutov
Stage manager: Yuliya Smelkina
Sound: Ekaterina Kocherzhevskaya

Length: 280 minutes (with two 10 minute intermissions included)
Language: Russian with English subtitles