PRINCE: Sign o’ the times – 30th Anniversary Cinema Re-release



“Sign o’ the times” , a concert that has already made music history, returns to cinemas after 30 years to show how immortal and revolutionary Prince’s genius is.

This is a unique opportunity to celebrate the talent of Prince and, for the very first time, offer audiences scattered all over the world the chance to hold a reunion in December only, to remember him and enjoy his music and his extraordinary artistry once more.

1987 is the year in which Prince turned “Sign o’ the times”, the album which was to become one of his greatest masterpieces, into a concert-film directing it. He gave birth to an unmissable event: 84 explosive minutes of vital energy, showing his charisma as an entertainer, backed by a brand-new band able to master any situation.

Available on DCP from December 1st 2017 till January 31st 2018, Pannonia Entertainment distributes this rock concert movie to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania.


Produced by A Cavallo. Ruffalo & Fargnoli Production

Theatrical release: December 2017
Format: 2K, 2D DCP
Running time: 84 min
Language: English with Hungarian subtitles
Marketing assets: movie poster, hi-res photos, synopsis (HUN/ENG), DCP and hi-res web trailer

It was called “Sign o’ the times”, and was released as a solo album under the name Prince. It was preceded by a single release with the same title, and it is the album which, in terms of song writing and performance, gives the greatest example of the breadth of his artistry. It is an extraordinary journey into his musical universe which expanded into diverse musical genres, from rock to soul, funk to spiritual ballads, while his lyrics are a compendium of all the main themes and subjects of his poetic artistry – sex, spirituality, love, jealousy, regret, fear, hope – intertwined with the story of a decade, the Eighties, which is the backdrop to the entire narrative.
1987 is also the year in which Prince turned “Sign o’ the times” into a concert-film directing it, which eloquently focused on the vital energy, the impact made by his music and his charisma as an entertainer: backed by a brand new band able to master any situation (like the dancer Cat Glover, keyboard player Boni Boyer, bass player Levi Seacer Jr., guitarist Miko Weaver, drummer Sheila E. And keyboard player Dr. Fink, formerly with the Revolution), Prince offered the best of the double album interspersed with jam sessions and tributes (like the one to great jazz musician Charlie Parker) emanating a 360-degree love for music and performance. The film “Sign o’ the times” established him, and consecrated him with audiences, as one of the greatest musicians and composers of all time, winning the respect of music legends such as Miles Davis.