The Royal Shakespeare Company 2016 Season


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The Royal Shakespeare Company is one of the world’s most recognised theatre companies. It is based in Shakespeare’s hometown of Straford-­‐upon-­‐Avon, where there has been a theatre dedicated to the Bard’s work for 100 years. Today the company has more than one million visitors a year, and we at Pannonia Entertainment are thrilled to bring you live cinema broadcasts/recorded performances on DCP from the stage of the RSC so giving the opportunity to thousands of people to watch theatrical performances in their local cinema.

Pannonia Entertainment distributes to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic,  Poland, Slovakia and Croatia.

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Titles of the 2016 Cinema Season:

HAMLET – Available on DCP from 01/10/16 to 31/12/16.
The searing tragedy of young student Hamlet, tormented by his father’s death and confronting each of us with the mirror of our own mortality in an imperfect world
CYMBELINE – Available on DCP from 01/11/16 to 31/01/17.
Shakespeare’s rarely performed romance of power, jealousy and a journey of love and reconciliation
KING LEAR – Available on DCP from 01/12/16 to 28/02/17.
Gregory Doran directs Antony Sher in one of the greatest parts ever written by Shakespeare
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