The Merchant of Venice – Globe On Screen 2016


Merchant-41-capt-1024x829UPDATE – This content is no longer available

Jonathan Pryce, whose accolades include Game of Thrones, Wolf Hall and Pirates of the Caribbean, provides an enigmatic performance in this iconic battle between greed and love. Pryce’s Shylock is not only convincing in its duality but helps provide additional gravitas to Munby’s moving production. This tale of prejudice and destructive self-interest paired with Pryce’s memorable interpretation makes this a must-see…

Directed by Jonathan Munby and starring Jonathan Pryce as Shylock, Daniel Lapaine as Bassanio, Rachel Pickup as Portia and Dominic Mafham as Antonio.

“Jonathan Pryce is a Shylock of weight and complexity” – The Guardian

Local first night: end of April 2016..

Pannonia Entertainment distributes to cinemas across Croatia.

The new Globe On Screen season is even more captivating than the last and features three great plays available in this landmark 400-year anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. Each performance is captured in exceptional high definition and full surround sound. Get ready to transport your cinema-goers directly into the standing yard of one of the world’s most unique theatres.

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