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Stage Russia HD – 2017-18 Cinema Season


Stage Russia HD is pleased to announce its 2nd Season line up, featuring productions from Russia’s most renowned theatre companies and staged by its greatest directors. Each title has been carefully selected to provide our audience the full breadth of Russian theatre as it is today, with a variety of styles and ideas, all rooted in a sensibility that both challenges convention while simultaneously paying homage to it. We are proud to bring these miraculous performances to a global audience and thank and congratulate you for taking part in this!

Pannonia Entertainment distributes cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Finland.


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Gemenc – The Wild Danube


nature documentary, Hungary, 2017 (6)
directed by Frigyes Olma

Running time: 60 Min

The landscape of Gemenc, the largest floodplain woods of Central Europe, is living and developing together with its waters. The river Danube defines the life of the drainage area’s flora and fauna, either by protecting or threatening, building or vanishing the scenery. The forest and the river provide an outstanding habitat for their residents, families of deers, boars, eagles, jackals, beavers, cranes and kingfishers of the Gemenc floodplain woods, including one of the area’s greatest population of the protected black storks. This stunning nature documentary – released with the support of WWF Hungary –  gives us insight into their lives. The film is a result of five years’ stringent and tenacious work: special disguised wildlife monitoring cameras, underwater or drone cameras were used to capture the wildlife of the drainage area including precious and previously unseen images of black storks nesting and raising up their squealers, or dramatic recordings of the big flood of the Danube in 2013. Besides the area’s wildlife, the documentary puts great emphasis on the presentation of the floodplain woods’ unique atmosphere as well, by capturing dawning landscapes and by numerous mid-air shots made with drones, while playing the evergreen melodies of Strauss, Vivaldi, Verdi, Puccini, Mahler and Bartók in the background.

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Jonas Kaufmann: My Italy – Concert film & Documentary (2017)


There is no other place in the world like Italy: the sun and the sea salt, the scent of the citrus & coffee, a seductive gaze, an incomparable song rising from the heart. Anca Monica Pandelea’s film documents Kaufmann’s special affinity with the Italian language, the Italian way of life and culture – and also, of course, the music.

Jonas presents his personal tribute to a culture where the influence and beauty of Opera goes beyond the walls of the theatre. Puccini and Verdi are not the central figures of the concert however, but the hits from tenors like Enrico Caruso & Lucio Dalla. The concert was recorded in Teatro Carignano in Turin, the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionalle della RAI accompanies the star under the baton of Jochen Rieder. Kaufmann sings popular songs like “Torna a Surriento”, “Cor’ngrato”, “ Mattinata”, “Parla pie piano”, “Caruso” & “Il canto”.

Available from June 2017 on 2K DCP, Pannonia Entertainment distributes this thrilling concert documentary to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and the Balkan Countries (Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo)

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Stage Russia HD – 2016/17 Cinema Season


stage-russia-logo-webre2Captured live in HD from the stages of Russia’s greatest theater companies, the Stage Russia HD series brings the mastery of Russian theater to Western cinema audiences. The inaugural season kicks off in September 2016 with the Vakhtangov Theatre’s magical production of Alexander Pushkin’s EUGENE ONEGIN.

Stage Russia HD features a broad mix of genres and styles, including classic productions, dance pieces, satirical works, and Soviet era surrealism – some with familiar titles and others that are lesser known to Western audiences, but which provide a small peek into what’s called the Russian soul…which, in typical Russian fashion is, of course, elusive.

Pannonia Entertainment distributes to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Finland.

Titles of the season:

Eugene Onegin – Available on DCP from with subtitles, from March 2017

Anna Karenina – Available on DCP with subtitles, from April 2017

The Black Monk – Available on DCP with subtitles, from November 2017

Alexander Ekman’s A Swan Lake


a-swan-lakeA Swan Lake, a new surreal re-telling of the classical ballet from the Norwegian Ballet and award winning commissioned choreographer Alexander Ekman. A dance & multi-genre show that transcends the boundaries between dance, musical, comedy, opera… Alexander Ekman’s new vision on the classical tale with a modern twist on the music by Tchaikovsky done by Mikael Karlsson, made possible by the norwegian ballet. This show is so espectacular that may leave the audience in shock as more than 6.000 litres of water flood the stage while the dancers interact.

Available from 18 February 2016, Pannonia Entertainment distributes this unique ballet performance to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Norwey, Sweeden, Germany, France, Switzerland and UK.

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The Golden Jackal (The Kunság – The Secret Life of the Hungarian Puszta)


VadKunsag_fotok05In the middle of the Carpathian Basin, lying between the Tisza and the Danube, the landscape is like any other plain in Europe. It was once shaped by winds and rivers, today it bears traces of human activities. However, the Great Hungarian Plain is different. It has a secret life, where something interesting happens all the time…

Pannonia Entertainment distributes  this award winning Hungarian nature documentary to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithouania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweeden and China.

Available from 24th of March 2016 on DCP.

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Hungaricums – Hungarian Short Documentary Series (COMING SOON)



olasz_magyar_10_schofferDocumentary film (English version, 25’)

A defining trend of the 60s was people`s optimistic faith in human intellectual energies, an unprecedented collaboration of scientific and artistic groups. Nicolas Schöffer, being one of best known artists of the era had a tremendous influence on future trends and is regarded as founder of cybernetic art.
“The task of an artist today is not the creation of art, but to enable the process of creation.”  – Nicolas Schöffer

Directed by Sándor Gerebics
Director of Photography Zsolt Nagy ’Big’
Narrated by Richard Rifkin


olasz_magyar_10_boganyiDocumentary film (English version, 4K, 25’)
“We are dreaming up a sound. We have a certain idea. What a musician hears inside is always more beautiful than what he ends up emitting. At the same time, one should do it. This was the main train of thought behind the inspiration. It wasn’t the only one, however.” – Gergely Bogányi


eec8010e180204bdda71f71c309be2a4Documentary film (English version,  25’)

“I used to read medicine, I used to racing cars, I was a graphologist, I did research in biology, I was an insurance clerk, I was in cargo shipping, I was an artist painter, and I was a journalist, a book publisher, a sculptor and an inventor. To be truthful, my profession is not to have a specific field of expertise”, Bíró wrote of himself. His most significant invention, the ballpoint pen was related to his career as a journalist.

Directed by Sándor Gerebics
Director of Photography: György Geo Tóth
Music by Béla Szakcsi Lakatos

Pannonia Entertainment will distribute these stunning documentaries to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithouania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweeden and China.