Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare (Globe on Screen 2015)


titusGrotesquely violent and daringly experimental, Titus was the smash hit of Shakespeare’s early career, and is written with a ghoulish energy he was never to repeat elsewhere. This production revisited Lucy Bailey’s spectacular Globe production of 2006 and caused a stir throughout the UK media with staged violence so realistic that throughout its run the play saw audience members fainting in the stalls. The 2015 cinema release will have audiences on the edges of their seats from start to grisly end.

Returning to Rome from a war against the Goths, the general Titus Andronicus brings with him the queen Tamora and her three sons as prisoners of war. Titus’ sacrifice of Tamora’s eldest son to appease the ghosts of his dead sons, and his decision to refuse to accept the title of emperor, initiates a terrible cycle of mutilation, rape and murder. And all the while, at the centre of the nightmare, there moves the villainous, self-delighting Aaron.

Running time: 186mins (including 15min interval)

WRITTEN BY: William Shakespeare
DIRECTED BY: Lucy Bailey
DESIGNER: William Dudley  COMPOSER: Django Bates
CAST: William Houston • Indira Varma • Obi Abili • Steffan
Donnelly • Dyfan Dwyfor • Samuel Edward-Cook • Ian Gelder
Paul Ham • Nicholas Karimi • Jake Mann • Brian Martin
Matthew Needham • Bryonie Pritchard  •  David Shaw-Parker
Flora Spencer-Longhurst • Jaime Wilkes •  Ethan Hammer
Jude Willoughby

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