Michelangelo – Infinito – ART BEATS SERIES 2018


After groundbreaking success in terms of audiences and critics of “The Vatican Museums” and “Florence and the Uffizi Gallery”, and after the release of “Raphael – The Lord of the Arts”, here it comes the second film dedicated to Italian Renaissance Master: “Michelangelo – Endless”.

One of the greatest artists of all time, Michelangelo lived a very long life, it was accompanied by an equally rich and varied artistic output which left an indelible mark onthe entire history of art.

The film paints a portrait of Michelangelo, the man and the artist, capable of intense passion and great courage when upholding his beliefs and ideologies.

Available on DCP from March 2018, Pannonia Entertainment distributes these art documentary movie to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria.

The narrative unfolds on three levels:

  • In a set located in one of the impressive marble quarries in Carrara, Michelangelo, through a series of memories and thoughts, retraces the decisive moments of his vivid and passionate life: his innermost torments, the passionate love and the search for faith, his personal ideas on life, death and art.
  • The historical and artistic narrative is entrusted to the most important art historian of the time, Giorgio Vasari. Through a series of theatrical monologues, taken and adapted from his “Lives of the Artists, second edition” he narrates the life and work of Michelangelo.
  • The result is a narrative framework which introduces the very essence of the film: the story of Michelangelo’s masterpieces. From the Vatican Pietà to the David, from the Moses to the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, from the Last Judgment to the Dome of St Peter’s, from the works of his youth to the Doni Tondo, passing through Florence, the Quarries of Carrara and moving on to Rome and the Vatican. All filmed from unique, exclusive viewpoints and perspectives, to make an exceptional visual impact. The film is accompanied by knowledgeable, in-depth commentary developed and narrated by Prof. Vincenzo Farinella.


Produced by SKY in partnership with Nexo Digital and Magnitudo Film
Status: In production
Running time: 90 minutes
Format: 2D 4K