Julius Caesar by William Shakespere (Globe on Screen 2015)


caesartOpposing dictatorship and republicanism, private virtue and mob violence, Shakespeare’s tense drama of highpolitics reveals the emotional currents that flow between men in power with themes that still resonate even today.

This sell-out production employed authentic Renaissance costumes and staging, and Dominic Dromgoole’simpassioned interpretation of one of Shakespeare’s classic plays showcased “a rapport between the performersand the audience that feels genuinely magical” (Daily Telegraph).

When Caesar returns to Rome from the wars a virtual dictator, Brutus and his republican friends resolve that hisambition must be curbed – which in Rome can mean only one thing: the great general must be assassinated. Butonce the deed is done, the idealistic conspirators must reckon with the forces of a new power bloc, led by MarkAntony and Caesar’s nephew Octavius. When their armies close at Philippi, will Caesar’s ghost be avenged?

Running time: 167mins (including 15min interval)

WRITTEN BY: William Shakespeare
DIRECTED BY: Dominic Dromgoole
DESIGNER: Jonathan Fensom
COMPOSER: Clare van Kampen
CAST: Tom Mckay • Luke Thompson • Catherine Bailey
Sam Cox • Patrick Driver • Anthony Howell • George Irving
Joe Jameson • Christopher Logan • Tom Kanji • Will Mannering
Keith Ramsey • Paul Rider • Katy Stevens • Dickon Tyrell

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