Hungaricums – Hungarian Short Documentary Series (COMING SOON)


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olasz_magyar_10_schofferDocumentary film (English version, 25’)

A defining trend of the 60s was people`s optimistic faith in human intellectual energies, an unprecedented collaboration of scientific and artistic groups. Nicolas Schöffer, being one of best known artists of the era had a tremendous influence on future trends and is regarded as founder of cybernetic art.
“The task of an artist today is not the creation of art, but to enable the process of creation.”  – Nicolas Schöffer

Directed by Sándor Gerebics
Director of Photography Zsolt Nagy ’Big’
Narrated by Richard Rifkin


olasz_magyar_10_boganyiDocumentary film (English version, 4K, 25’)
“We are dreaming up a sound. We have a certain idea. What a musician hears inside is always more beautiful than what he ends up emitting. At the same time, one should do it. This was the main train of thought behind the inspiration. It wasn’t the only one, however.” – Gergely Bogányi


eec8010e180204bdda71f71c309be2a4Documentary film (English version,  25’)

“I used to read medicine, I used to racing cars, I was a graphologist, I did research in biology, I was an insurance clerk, I was in cargo shipping, I was an artist painter, and I was a journalist, a book publisher, a sculptor and an inventor. To be truthful, my profession is not to have a specific field of expertise”, Bíró wrote of himself. His most significant invention, the ballpoint pen was related to his career as a journalist.

Directed by Sándor Gerebics
Director of Photography: György Geo Tóth
Music by Béla Szakcsi Lakatos

Pannonia Entertainment will distribute these stunning documentaries to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithouania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Greece, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, Sweeden and China.

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