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Black Sabbath – The End of the End 2017


The End of The End chronicles the final tour from the band who forged the sound of metal – Black Sabbath. On 4th February, 2017, the band took to the stage in Birmingham, the city where it all began, to play the 81st and final gig of The End tour – bringing down the curtain on a career that spanned almost half a century. The sold out show marked the culmination of a tour that had seen them play to well over a million fans in arenas across the globe. Since their beginnings in 1968, they created a sound that would form the basis of heavy metal, going on to influence bands all over the world – an influence which is still felt to this day.

The End of The End is the story of that final, emotionally-charged concert. Fans are taken into the heart of the action, up close and personal with the band on stage as they perform genre-defining hits, from Iron Man to Paranoid to War Pigs, amongst others. Sabbath also took the opportunity to spend some time in the studio, delivering a unique performance of some of their favourite songs. This film gives fans an intimate glimpse into the band’s relationships and their banter with each other, with both individual and group recollections from Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler. The band’s loyal following spans generations and this is the opportunity for fans, young and old, to come together and see the boys from Birmingham doing what they do best, almost 50 years after they started. This is the final word from the greatest metal band of all time.

Pannonia Entertainment distributes this exclusive concert movie to cinemas across Hungary and Romania.

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Gemenc – The Wild Danube


nature documentary, Hungary, 2017 (6)
directed by Frigyes Olma

Running time: 60 Min

The landscape of Gemenc, the largest floodplain woods of Central Europe, is living and developing together with its waters. The river Danube defines the life of the drainage area’s flora and fauna, either by protecting or threatening, building or vanishing the scenery. The forest and the river provide an outstanding habitat for their residents, families of deers, boars, eagles, jackals, beavers, cranes and kingfishers of the Gemenc floodplain woods, including one of the area’s greatest population of the protected black storks. This stunning nature documentary – released with the support of WWF Hungary –  gives us insight into their lives. The film is a result of five years’ stringent and tenacious work: special disguised wildlife monitoring cameras, underwater or drone cameras were used to capture the wildlife of the drainage area including precious and previously unseen images of black storks nesting and raising up their squealers, or dramatic recordings of the big flood of the Danube in 2013. Besides the area’s wildlife, the documentary puts great emphasis on the presentation of the floodplain woods’ unique atmosphere as well, by capturing dawning landscapes and by numerous mid-air shots made with drones, while playing the evergreen melodies of Strauss, Vivaldi, Verdi, Puccini, Mahler and Bartók in the background.

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Take That – Wonderland LIVE from London


The UK’s most successful music act are back with an incredible Live concert from London’s iconic O2 arena!

Take That’s Wonderland tour promises to be their most spectacular yet.

For the first time ever, Take That’s tour is being performed ‘in the round’ – putting cinema audiences in the best seats in the house.

In combining the legendary production values of their Live shows with the state of the art sound and vision of the cinema, this exclusive event promises to be a “must see” for music fans of all ages.

Pannonia Entertainment distributes this cinema event to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

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David Gilmour Live at Pompeii


45 years after Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour filmed ‘Live At Pompeii’ in the legendary Roman Amphitheatre there, he returned for two spectacular shows, part of his year-long tour in support of his No.1 album ‘Rattle That Lock’. The performances were the first-ever rock concerts for an audience in the stone Roman amphitheatre, and, for two nights only, the 2,600 strong crowd stood exactly where gladiators would have fought in the first century AD.

‘David Gilmour Live At Pompeii’ is an audio-visual spectacle, featuring lasers, pyrotechnics and a huge circular screen on which specially-created films complement selected songs, but paramount above all is the astonishing music and stellar performances from an all-star band. The show includes songs from throughout David’s career, as well as many Pink Floyd classics, including ‘One Of These Days’, the only song that was also performed at the band’s 1971 show. Both concerts also saw very special performances of ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ from ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’, which David rarely plays as a solo artist. This concert performance film includes highlights from both shows, filmed in 4k by director Gavin Elder. ‘David Gilmour Live At Pompeii’ shows an artist at the top of his artistic game, performing incredible material with his world-class band, in a unique setting, on one very special occasion.

Available for one night only on Wed 13th September, Pannonia Entertainment distributes this unique 60 minutes long 2K/4K concert movie to cinemas across Hungary and Romania.

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Royal Opera House 2017-18 LIVE Cinema Season



With 12 titles, the Royal Opera House Live Cinema Season 2017/18 is set to thrill audiences in more than 1500 cinemas in over 40 countries.

Including some of The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet’s much-loved classical repertory, the world’s top ballet and opera stars, and four brand new productions, Pannonia Entertainment distributes live satellite broadcasts and recorded shows of performances from the Covent Garden to cinemas across Hungary, Poland and Romania – in cooperation with Trafalgar Releasing Ltd.

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Il Volo: Notte Magica – a Tribute to The 3 Tenors


After winning over the global public on their tour through Europe, the U.S. and South America, Il Volo marks their return to Italy for a magical night of music, paying tribute to another famous trio, The 3 Tenors.

Una Notte Magica was the name of the legendary concert performed in 1990 by three tenors — José Carreras, Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti — and now, 26 years later, Il Volo comes to Florence to commemorate them. This unique tribute event takes place in Piazza Santa Croce, accompanied by the great Teatro Massimo di Palermo Orchestra and with Plácido Domingo himself as a special guest conductor.

Available between June and September 2017 on DCP.
Pannonia Entertainment distributes this concert documentary to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania.

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Jonas Kaufmann: My Italy – Concert film & Documentary (2017)


There is no other place in the world like Italy: the sun and the sea salt, the scent of the citrus & coffee, a seductive gaze, an incomparable song rising from the heart. Anca Monica Pandelea’s film documents Kaufmann’s special affinity with the Italian language, the Italian way of life and culture – and also, of course, the music.

Jonas presents his personal tribute to a culture where the influence and beauty of Opera goes beyond the walls of the theatre. Puccini and Verdi are not the central figures of the concert however, but the hits from tenors like Enrico Caruso & Lucio Dalla. The concert was recorded in Teatro Carignano in Turin, the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionalle della RAI accompanies the star under the baton of Jochen Rieder. Kaufmann sings popular songs like “Torna a Surriento”, “Cor’ngrato”, “ Mattinata”, “Parla pie piano”, “Caruso” & “Il canto”.

Available from June 2017 on 2K DCP, Pannonia Entertainment distributes this thrilling concert documentary to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and the Balkan Countries (Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo)

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Terminator 2 – Judgement Day – Digitally restored 3D cinema re-release!


Arnold Schwarzenegger is back! In new, three-dimensional form, the T-800 returns to the big screen. DMG Entertainment and Studiocanal, working with James Cameron and his production company Lightstorm Entertainment, initiated the restoration and 3D conversion of Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D (USA, 1991/2017). In this all-time science-fiction classic, an android played by Arnold Schwarzenegger travels back through time to save from assassination the future leader in the human battle against the machines.

To create the new version, the original negative was scanned in 4K at Deluxe LA and then digitally processed by Technicolor Hollywood, while StereoD undertook the conversion to 3D. All the restoration work was personally supervised by director James Cameron and his team.

Pannonia Entertainment partners Studiocanal to release the new, digitally restored 3D version of the film, which won four Oscars in 1992, theatrically in Hungary.

Release date: 29 August 2017 – The 20th Anniversary of The Judgement Day 🙂

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Botticelli: Inferno – ART BEATS SERIES 2017


botticelliinferno_onesheet-pannonia-logoWe are excited to officially announce the 2017 new ART BEATS season. In cooperation with worldwide distributor NEXO DIGITAL and featuring artists such as Botticelli, Raphael and Caravaggio, state-of-the-art technologies in 4K and 3D, unprecedented access to secluded collections, and even surprising links to commercial blockbusters, the new ART BEATS series is about to return with what might be the best season yet.

In October 2016 “Inferno”, the third installment of Dan Brown’s blockbuster trilogy (after “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons”) starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard will be released worldwide. The story revolves around a mystery hidden in Botticelli’s drawings of Dante’s Divina Commedia. But what’s the real story behind these illustrations, and in particular, the map to Dante Alighieri’s Inferno? Why was his work left unfinished and got lost, and how was it rediscovered? “Botticelli Inferno” is a fascinating, throughout investigation on the secrets behind Botticelli drawings, destined to show a surprising dark side of the renowned Renaissance artist, famous for peaceful and idyllic paintings such as “The Birth of Venus” and “La Primavera”.

Available from February 2017, Pannonia Entertainment distributes this thrilling art documentary to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania.

This ART BEATS release will be followed by two more title ins 2017: Raffaello – The Lord of the Arts 3D and Caravaggio – The Ideal Exhibition. Please click here for more details on the ART BEATS series

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Stage Russia HD – 2016/17 Cinema Season


stage-russia-logo-webre2Captured live in HD from the stages of Russia’s greatest theater companies, the Stage Russia HD series brings the mastery of Russian theater to Western cinema audiences. The inaugural season kicks off in September 2016 with the Vakhtangov Theatre’s magical production of Alexander Pushkin’s EUGENE ONEGIN.

Stage Russia HD features a broad mix of genres and styles, including classic productions, dance pieces, satirical works, and Soviet era surrealism – some with familiar titles and others that are lesser known to Western audiences, but which provide a small peek into what’s called the Russian soul…which, in typical Russian fashion is, of course, elusive.

Pannonia Entertainment distributes to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and China.

Titles of the season:

The Cherry Orchard – Available on DCP with subtitles, from February 2017

Eugene Onegin – Available on DCP from with subtitles, from March 2017

Anna Karenina – Available on DCP with subtitles, from April 2017

The Black Monk – Available on DCP with subtitles, from November 2017

Revolution – New Art for a New World


Revolution – New Art for a New World is a bold and exciting feature documentary that encapsulates a momentous period in the history of Russia and the Russian Avant-Garde.

Drawing on the collections of major Russian institutions, contributions from contemporary artists, curators, and performers and personal testimony from the descendants of those involved, the film brings the artists of the Russian Avant-Garde to life. It tells the stories of artists like Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich and others – pioneers who flourished in response to the Utopian challenge of building a New Art for a New World, only to be broken by implacable authority after 15 short years. Stalin’s rise to power marked the close of this momentous period. Yet the Russian Avant-Garde continues to exert a lasting influence over art movements up to the present day.

Filmed entirely on location in Moscow, St. Petersburg and London, with access to The State Tretyakov Gallery, The State Russian Museum, The State Hermitage Museum and in co-operation with The Royal Academy of Arts, London, the film features paintings previously banned and unseen for decades, and masterpieces which rarely leave Russia.

Available on DCP ftom March 2017, Pannonia Entertainment distributes this stunning documentary to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Romania.

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ALL’OPERA Live Cinema Season 2016/17


allopera2016-17The season All’Opera is not only one of the finest heritage of Italian culture that is renewed year after year through the talent and vision of renowned artists, it is also a great tool to communicate the quality and cultural dynamism that Italy is able to express. All’Opera enables worldwide audiences to enjoy the best opera has to offer in famed theaters such as La Scala in Milan, the Teatro Opera in Rome, the Teatro Regio in Turin, and one of the newest Opera Houses in the world, the Opera di Firenze.

The 2016/17 season will offer timeless works of composers such as Mozart (Le Nozze di Figaro, Il Ratto del Serraglio), Puccini (Madama Butterfly, Manon Lescaut), Verdi (Don Carlo), Rossini (La Gazza Ladra) and Wagner (Tristan et Iseut) presented through state-of-the-art recording technology.

Pannonia Entertainment distributes these performances via live satellite broadcast and high quality internet streaming to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

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BOSCH – The Garden of Dreams


poster_artwork_bosch_100x70Under the direction of Jose Luis Lopez Linares, the documentary film focuses on the the most important painting by Bosch and one of the most iconic ones in the world: `The Garden of Earthly Delights’. It features artists, writers, philosophers, musicians and scientists, discussing the personal, historical and artistic significance of the picture, bringing back a conversation that was started 500 years ago in the court of the Dukes of Nassau (Brussels) when it was believed that the painting was commissioned by Bosch.

Pannonia Entertainment distributes this stunning 90 min documentary to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, China and Denmark.



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ART BEATS SERIES – St. Peter’s and the Papal Basilicas of Rome 3D


Quad_Papal_BasilicasAfter the success of the Vatican Museums 3D and Florence and the Uffizi 3D, coming to cinemas St Peter’s and the Papal Basilicas of Rome 3D. The new film production taking you on a journey through the four Papal Basilicas in Rome and their treasures: St. Peter’s (one of the 25 destinations most visited by travellers from all over the world), St. John in the Lateran, St. Mary Major and St. Paul Outside the Walls.

Pannonia Entertainment distributes this compelling artistic documentary to cinemas in Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia. >> Read more…

Royal Opera House Live Cinema Season 2016/17


ROH_CinemaSeason_1617A fantastic new season of 12 LIVE broadcasts with 6 operas and 6 ballets, including popular classics and highly anticipated new productions. The leading tenor Jonas Kaufmann makes his role debut in a new production of Verdi’s Otello. The Royal Opera attracts stars from around the world to its Covent Garden stage, with artists such as Joseph Calleja, Vittorio Grigolo, Christine Rice and Ermonela Jaho among others featuring in the cinema programme.

In cooperation with worldwide distributor Picturehouse Entertainment, Pannonia Entertainment distributes live opera and ballet broadcasts and recorded DCPs to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Romania. (In the Czech Republic and Slovakia the live broadcast contains Czech subtitles as a part of the live feed!)

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Jonas Kaufmann: An Evening With Puccini


jonas-kaufmann--an-evening-Operatic superstar Jonas Kaufmann is no stranger to the big screen, and in 2015 he makes his highly anticipated solo cinematic debut with this concert film and documentary.

Shot on location in Italy, the film features Jonas’ critically acclaimed Puccini concert from La Scala, Milan and includes all of Puccini’s most loved tenor arias including ‘Nessun dorma’.

The cameras also go behind the scenes and follow Jonas around Milan as he talks about what it takes to be the world’s greatest tenor and why Puccini’s music is so special to him.

Available from 8 March 2016, Pannonia Entertainment distributes this unique concert film and documentary to cinemas across Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

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Alexander Ekman’s A Swan Lake


a-swan-lakeA Swan Lake, a new surreal re-telling of the classical ballet from the Norwegian Ballet and award winning commissioned choreographer Alexander Ekman. A dance & multi-genre show that transcends the boundaries between dance, musical, comedy, opera… Alexander Ekman’s new vision on the classical tale with a modern twist on the music by Tchaikovsky done by Mikael Karlsson, made possible by the norwegian ballet. This show is so espectacular that may leave the audience in shock as more than 6.000 litres of water flood the stage while the dancers interact.

Available from 18 February 2016, Pannonia Entertainment distributes this unique ballet performance to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Norwey, Sweeden, Germany, France, Switzerland and UK.

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A Night in Bohemia – QUEEN Live at Hammersmith 1975


Queen-A-Night-in-BohemiaFilmed live on Christmas Eve 1975 at the Hammersmith Odeon in London, and bringing to a climax the most eventful and exciting year so far in the band’s career, this ground-breaking concert was transmitted live on BBC Two’s Old Grey Whistle Test and captured the band firing on all cylinders as they performed breakthrough hits like Killer Queen, Liar, Keep Yourself Alive and Now I’m Here, as well as the now monumental classic Bohemian Rhapsody. This special cinema event includes a never-before-seen documentary featuring archive footage and interviews with all four members of the band, offering an illuminating insight into the game-changing year of 1975.

Pannonia Entertainment distributes this unique concert film to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania available from 28 February 2016.

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Great American Dance Series from the Lincoln Center (2016) – The first ever dance series from the US especially for cinemas

  • Lincoln_Center_Great_American_Dance_PosterLincoln Center at the Movies is bringing exceptional artistic performances to cinemas around the world, with its first series, Great American Dance, offering a larger-than-life experience with some of America’s most inspiring dance companies
  • A series of four recorded dance productions releasing from 1 January 2016
  • A mix of classical ballet and contemporary dance appealing to a wide audience of arts lovers and offering something for everyone

Pannonia Entertainment distributes these unique ballet and dance performances (available from January 2016) to cinemas across Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania.

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