Caravaggio: The Ideal Exhibition – ART BEATS SERIES (TV rights)


“Caravaggio – The Ideal Exhibition” inaugurates a highly innovative, brand new concept destined to redefine art documentaries. A very important curator, Antonio Natali (director of the Uffizi Gallery for over 10 years), recreates his ideal exhibition of Caravaggio in order to give us a fascinating and comprehensive portrait of one of the greatest, most controversial and beloved artists of all times.

Available from November 2017, Pannonia Entertainment distributes this thrilling art documentary to Televisions across Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo.

Giò Forma – a top-notch international multi-platform bureau for design, responsible for designing some of the greatest concert tours, award ceremonies and events around the world (Olympic Games, Italy’s Expo etc…) – will create a virtual exhibition like no others that comprise installations, projections and the most advanced technological equipment. In this incredible environment, Natali will bring us through different rooms/chapters inspired by Caravaggio’s troubled and mysterious life, as well as by his phenomenal art, whose ground-breaking and violent realism was a shocking departure from the gentle art of the Mannerism. From there we will leap to the real locations where Caravaggio travelled and lived and where his famous paintings are displayed in order to analyze them in great detail: from his training period in Milan and Venice, to the sudden success in Rome, up to the murder and the consequent death sentence that forced him to flee to Naples, Malta and Sicily, where his work grew darker and darker, obsessed by images of death and themes like guilt, punishment and redemption.

Produced by Nexo Digital, Magnitudo Film
Running time 90 minutes
Format 2D 4K
Delivery date November 2017

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