Balaton – On the Shore of The Hungarian Sea


Nature documentary, Hungary
65 mins, 2018

European and Chinese first nights: from May 2018

The shallow watered Balaton is the biggest lake in Central Europe. Although holidaymakers are all over the beaches during summertime, the lake and its surroundings offer diverse natural treasures. This landscape has been formed by the extraordinary marriage of geology, wildlife and mankind. The volcanic cones and grottos, the lime steps and valleys of gorges, the swamps and groves along the shore open our eyes on never seen miracles. Ground squirrels, wild cats, peregrine falcons and ravens, egrets and herons nestling in flocks, dormouses setting on nighttime adventures, and mating-dancing asps become live in the spectacular underwater and aerial footage shot during 150 days in 3 years partly by special, waterproof cameras, hidden wildcameras and drones, in state of the art 4K quality. The newest nature documentary of – Wild Szigetköz’s and The Kunság’s awart winning director and DOP – Szabolcs Mosonyi and his creative mate, Erika Bagladi – producer and scriptwriter – is arriving to European and Chinese cinemas in cinemascope format in May 2018.


The film was produced by the financial support of NMHH Media Council, as part of the Hungarian Media System of Supporting The Arts.


Director: Szabolcs Mosonyi
Scriptwriter: Erika Bagladi
Director of Photography: Szabolcs Mosonyi
Music: Attila Merkaba Mátyás
Editor: Szabolcs Mosonyi
Hungarian Narrator: Zoltán Csankó
Producer: Erika Bagladi
Produced by Natfilm Hungary Ltd.

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