Altamira – The Origin of Art


Pannonia Entertainent in cooperation with Versión Digital presents “Altamira – The Origin of Art”, a stunning documentary produced by Morena Films dedicated to one of the most important discoveries of Palaeolithic art: the paintings of the cave of Altamira. In November 1879, an eight-year-old girl, María Sanz de Sautuola y Escalante was the first person who saw the paintings of the Altamira cave, after tens of thousands of years, who first showed her discovery to her father, Marcelino.

The film – directed by the prestigious documentary filmmaker José Luis López-Linares,
the creator of Bosch: The Garden of Dreams (2016) – tells the fascinating story of this discovery and the prejudices and misunderstandings that Marcelino had to face in order to get his deduction about the paleolithic origin of the author of the paintings accepted.

It also tells who were and how lived the human beings who inhabited Cantabria 14,000 years ago. And finally, the film investigates the mystery of artistic creation. How is it possible that Pablo Picasso said after seeing the bison of Altamira: “After Altamira, every- thing is decadence”?

Production information

Directed by José Luis López-Linares
Produced by Morena Films
Production year: 2018
Release date: May 2019
Territory rights: HU, SK, CZ, RO, PL
Run time: 76 min
Format: 2K DCP
Language: original (Spanish)
Subtitles: local subtitles

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